Yiannis Andrianatos, Rhetoric and Dialectic Trainer
Director of the Rhetoric Circle

"Philosophical Rhetoric in practice today. The Double Rhetoric. A meeting with others - an encounter with ourselves. The hidden interaction of our internal dialogue and to the communication with our surroundings."

A presentation of the duality of Rhetoric (internal and external) and how Reason shapes ourselves and the environment. A method of persuasion that is not limited to techniques but draws upon our deeper side and addresses the deeper side of the interlocutor. An application of the curriculum of the Rhetoric Circle that condenses aspects of Reason from the Ancient World (Pre-Socratics , Plato, Stoics , etc. ) and modern research (psychology, brain structures, sociology , etc.) to give us more sophisticated communication tools within us and around us. Exercises and examples of applications in everyday life, politics, negotiation etc. will be given.

CV: Yiannis Andrianatos has offered speeches and seminars in several Greek cities (e.g. Training for teachers of Secondary Education on the art of public speaking), to various companies for training executives, to artists, scientists and therapists on showcasing or developing their skills. Also, he offers cources on rhetoric to journalists and politicians. He writes for magazines and newspapers , gives interviews on radio and television and has written the book “Without pay” (Lalon Ydor, Typothito Publications, in Greek). The Haiku poems "Without pay" were written between 1989 and 1995. He created and directs the Rhetoric Circle.

Rhetoric in Athens

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