Eleni Kallia, Actress, Acting and Rhetoric trainer
Author, among others, of "Rhetoric Art in everyday life" (in Greek)

"Rhetoric and Theatre, an intense love – hatred relationship."

Tightly embraced in a passionate tango, Rhetoric and Theatre are trying to find what unites them with kinship ties and what distances them in a decisive manner. Which of the two must have humor, imposing strength, imagination, logical coherence, fair movement, powerful and expressive eye contact? Which of the two must have knowledge of psychology and elocution? Whatever property is credited to one, should be necessarily denied from the other or they can both walk side by side, while wearing the same accessories?

CV: Eleni Kallia was born in Athens. She studied law at the University of Athens and theatre at the Pelos Katselis Drama School. She works as an actress in theater and television since 1972 and teaches Rhetorical and Theatrical Art from 1997. She has published the books "I want to know more about you" (Papazisis Publications, in Greek), “The life of a theater is a fairytale" (Ammos Publications, in Greek), "The illuminated windows tell stories" (Kastaniotis Publications, in Greek) , "The Ten Words that established the Western Civilization" (Papazisis Publications, in Greek), "Rhetoric Art in daily life or the beloved of Polymnia " (Papazisis Publications, in Greek)






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