Spyros Pan - Hang and Handpan music

Spyros Panagiotopoulos was born in Athens in 1978. He studied Economics at the University of Piraeus and he gained his master degree in Human Resources at Warwick Business School.

In 2007 and whilst working in the HR department of London School of Economics, he takes the decision to drastically change course in his life. He resigned from his position and left London in order to attend an eco-community in Madeira island and study permaculture. It was then when he learned of a new and revolutionary instrument known as the Hang.

Spyros met his first Hang in September 2007. This meeting signified the start of a journey exploring the possibilities and endless dynamics of this new instrument. The most valuable qualities in this journey are the conscious presence in the now and the discipline required to become one's own teacher. Spyros composes his original music which is a blend of new age, contemporary world music and ambient under the artistic name "Spyros Pan".

He supports the belief that music represents dedicating one's soul and energy. It is an effort of revealing and communicating the inside to the outside. A path that is meant to be walked without borders and conditions. He is inspired by the struggle of human nature to free herself from the chains of fear, the power of the soul and the bright quality of Love.

Almost seven years after, his portfolio includes two personal albums - compositions for solo Hang and an appearance in the soundtrack of the movie "Man at Sea" by director K. Giannaris. Alongside he has performed on musical stages and festivals in Greece and abroad.

Important Dates

  • December 2013. Music composition and performance for the story-telling event "Thalassa tou proiou" based on poetry by Kavafis directed and compiled by Sassa Voulgari. Michalis Kakogiannis Foundation, Athens, Greece.
  • November 2013. Performance during TEDx Athens 2013.
  • June 2013. Performance during the European Music Day. Kythera, Greece.
  • June 2013. Performance during the Athens Fringe Network Festival 2013. Athens, Greece.
  • January 2012. Performance during the Forum Europeen de Bioethique. Strasbourg, France.
  • August 2011. Performance during the International Auricall Festival. Aurillac, France.
  • May 2011. Second personal album entitled "Omega".
  • November 2010. Musical composition for the story-telling event "Reflections of Water". Stories for adults compiled and directed by Sassa Voulgari. Museum of Greek Folkloric Art. Athens, Greece.
  • October 2010. Guest appearance in the soundtrack of the movie "Man at Sea" by director K. Giannaris.
  • April 2010. Performance during the "Tokyo Design Festa 2010". Tokyo, Japan.
  • November 2009. Debut album titled "Hanging on a Dream".
  • May 2009. Night of the Museum. Music composition for the story-telling event "Ti ide to fegari". Stories for adults by Hans Kristian Andersen directed and compiled by Sassa Voulgari. Museum of Cycladic Art. Athens, Greece.
  • February 2009. Musical composition for the story-telling event "Amrita; the water of life". Stories for adults compiled and directed by Sassa Voulgari. Museum of Islamic Art. Athens, Greece.
  • May 2008. Charity fund raising relief aiding the affected areas in Burma (Myanmar) from the devastating Cyclone Nargis.

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PANArt Hang - ancient future soundscapes.

The first Hang saw the light of day back in the year 2000 in Bern, Switzerland; conceptualized and created by Felix Rohner and Sabina Schaerer of the PANArt Hangbau Company. It is a handmade musical instrument which, owing to its unique construction and shape, offers the musician the opportunity to create a unique blend of soundwaves and melodies. The Hang is made to be played using solely one’s bare hands; hence its name, which translates as “hand” in the local dialect of Bern.

The Hang resonates with listening souls anywhere it appears. It sings under the hands of pioneer musicians and feels at home both on small and large stages, in religious ceremonies, in therapy practices, in homes and schools.

Rarely experienced in one way, the instrument can be played according to the mood of every particular situation. Sometimes bursting with energy and other times being quieter and mystical, it can create a fusion of sound waves. The eyes close, time stops and the doors of the heart open to new dimensions.

Making friends instantly, people remember it as an instrument with a fabulous tone that allows one’s emotions to flow freely. The peculiar yet cunningly familiar “flying saucer” shape, the listening experience and the feeling of touching it are a definite source of magnetic energy.

In the summer of 2013, PANArt announced via their official website that they are stopping the further production of the Hang in order to concentrate their efforts and energy into the creation of a yet a new instrument. Luckily during the past 3 years we have witnessed the evolution of similar to the Hang instruments made by other makers around the globe.

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